A woman with a serpent tattoo on her back is collaged with butterfly wings in palladium and red and orange watercolor.

Alice Garik’s work revolves around our bodies and our primordial connection to nature.  Her current art work responds to the ecological devastation due to global warming and is a call to value the non-human beings around us.

Alice’s photographs tattoos to explore our human stories, myths and history with earth’s creatures.  As she develops these interconnections, her art work crosses the boundaries between photography, painting and collage.  She draws on her familiarity with drawing, painting, printmaking and ceramics.  Her studies have included a Skowhegan residency and working with Philip Guston as a student of painting.  For this project she uses the physical and logistical alternative printing process of palladium along with analog image-making.

Recently, Alice exhibited one of her tattoo and nature palladium collages at “Tattooed New-York”, an exhibit at The New-York Historical Society in Manhattan. The Brooklyn Museum collected her Vermont landscape palladium works. The New York Public Library holds her photographs of dancer and choreographer, Neil Greenberg, in their collection.

Her art has been selected for use on the sets of the movies “Eat, Pray, Love” and “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” and displayed as part of the set for “Gossip Girls”.

Alice has produced commissioned art works for “Orion Magazine”, “Dance Ink”, Bergdorf Goodman and for book covers for publishers Penguin, Random House and others.

Besides exhibitions in the states, Ms Garik has exhibited in Berlin, Germany and in Sydney, Australia.

Alice Garik lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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