A woman's hands intermix with a bird's nest, which she appears to hold next to her heart.

Alice Garik is an artist who uses photo based processes to explore and express our connections, through our bodies, to nature.  She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Although she has primarily worked in photography, Garik studied painting, drawing, and clay sculpture at Brandeis University.  She attended a residency in painting at The Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture.

Transitioning to photography, particularly photojournalism, Alice studied at The New School and with editors of National Geographic at the University of Missouri.  She photographed as an intern at The Village Voice.

With a relocation to Vermont, Alice pursued a long term project to document the residue of rural life there.  She chose to use a large format 4X5″ camera and to print using the alternative process of palladium contact printing.  To have the photographs reflect and contrast with each other, Alice printed four of the 4X5″ negatives together in a grid on a single sheet of paper.

In 1999, when ORION Magazine commissioned her to illustrate an article on perception, Alice used this unity of four images together for the three illustrations required.

Because of her interests in the human form, Alice had been photographing dancers and their performances.  Starting in 1994, DANCE INK commissioned her to photograph dancer and choreographer Neil Greenberg and American Ballet Theater dancer Angel Corella.

In 2005, Alice began a project to photograph pregnancy and motherhood.  With her 4X5″ film she would sometimes hold the film, exposed with the soon-to-be pregnant mother and photograph the baby with the same sheet of film.  This compressed photograph of mother and child revealed the dynamism of childbirth.

Realizing the crisis of our damage to our Earth, Alice discerned that our tattoos, embedded with myths, icons, plants and animals, express our veneration of nature.  To excavate this connection, she is layering elements of the natural world with her photographs of tattoos.  As she has with her other projects, Alice is employing the wet darkroom and palladium printing process.

Alice’s work is in the collections of The Brooklyn Museum, The New York Public Library, The Polaroid Collection among others.  Alice has executed illustrations for book covers and her work has been on the sets of several popular movies and TV series.  Her maternity project is on view at City Births in NYC.  Work from her current project was exhibited in 2017 in “Tattooed New-York” at The New-York Historical Society in NYC.

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