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Susanna Plotnick is a story teller. I recently photographed her in her studio where she was working on “Exile”, a graphic novel that she has just published. By visiting her website, you can learn more about her work and process and purchase her novels.

Susanna tells us, “Although I am a visual artist, I think of myself as a storyteller. I am currently writing and illustrating a trilogy of books about a witch named Ceridwen sho flees the witch hunts of Europe and has to learn to live in the world of mortals. Her familiar (animal partner in magic) is a mockingbird named Belanos. Ceridwen and Belanos are two parts of one psychic being.

It seems to me that Ceridwen’s story exists in another realm and my job is to give it form, which is a very labor intensive project. I feel called to do the work. I am living two lives at once, mine and Ceridwen’s.

These books harken back to the copiously illustrated antique fairy tale books I treasured as child, and also to the dynamic, dark graphic novels of the present day.”

Susanna Plotnick in her studio illustrating her graphic novel.

Susanna Plotnick at work on her graphic novel

The intro drawing for "Exiles" by Susanna Plotnick

2 pages from the graphic novel, "Exile" by Susanna Plotnick

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