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Singer & Musician

Singer & Musician with sunny field.

Bride & Dad walk down hill to ceremony site.

Summer ceremony in the shade.

Groom & Bride in summer outdoor ceremony.

Groom & Bride with guests in outdoor shady area.

Bride & Groom kiss


Yesterday in meeting with my clients from a summer wedding to plan their wedding album, the groom thanked me for suggesting that they move their ceremony spot from the hot summer sun to a shady location. I often include in my wedding package a visit to the wedding site, either in the weeks before the wedding or on rehearsal day. I know this has helped most of my clients plan their big day.
When I arrived on site for this outdoor ceremony on rehearsal day, I noticed that they had set up the ceremony in the bright summer sun. Immediately I knew that this would be uncomfortable for all concerned. Happily the groom took my advice and with my help, we found a beautifully shady spot. In this set of photos from their lovely ceremony, you can see the hot sunny field of the original plan in the background.

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