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Stories are everywhere at a wedding.  It is not just the bride and groom who are living and experiencing the day.  All their family and friends are putting in their best efforts to make the couple happy.  Do you have your own wedding stories?  If you are planning your wedding, enjoy that your loved ones are part of your big day.

I love telling stories and I have just put together a new wedding album with a few of these wonderful wedding moments.  Here is a small series from one wedding where the brother of the groom rehearsed his speech and seemed worried about his delivery.  However, he was a wonderful success as seen by the smiles and laughter of the bride and groom.

Groom's brother rehearses his speech with his wife.

Best man and groom’s brother rehearses his speech

Groom's Brother prepares to give his speech
Groom’s brother prepares to give his speech

Bride and Groom laughing and enjoying brother's speech
Bride and Groom are enjoying brother’s speech


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